crowd studying innocation as a change agent

by collaborating blended learning and collective research, development and implementation of shared harvest energy innovations into practice

Soft skills are – beside the technical qualifications – the most important condition for nearly every job. That's why everybody should work on own external-technical competence. It isn’t only the employers profit. Finally, soft skills help, above all the social competence, in almost every life situation.

To recognize this personal, social and methodical competence individually and to form, to sharpen and to demonstrate is our challenge.

We are a charitable association with headquarter in Stuttgart, growing number in establishments and developing labs. Our association core team comes from the education, the industry and the development.

We see the sum of all softly skills combined in the innovation competence. Our participants learn to understand this, to recognize and to introduce in real projects. In this practice which occurs on site offline as well as digitally online they “shape” your competence and demonstrate this. These become with it evaluable and provably.

We appeal to three target groups. The topical high-school graduates, trainees and students. Independently of their interests and fields. Innovation Competences are general. The participants introduce themselves some months with a clear expenditure in the projects interesting for them.
They have no financial obligations.

And they receive at the end according to target group a SignExam, SignDiploma or SignDegree which has originated based on seminar results, evaluations of their mentors and accompanying experts understandably, as well as direct contacts with interested enterprises, organizations or institutions. All projects refer to the global subject energy production, energy storage and energy distribution. Besides, we collect energy from the environment (Harvesting), these also store in alternative storage media and distribute the energy according to place and need (Sharing). We call this kind of the projects ENHASHI – Energy Harvesting and Sharing Implementation.
The expiration is as follows:
email with CV and motivation writing.