Courses for companies via chambers of industry and commerce and other educational institutions

Course1 - How do I build our innovation management according to ISO 56000 ff. functional and integrate it into our existing QM (ISO 9000 ff. and others) UM (ISO 14000 ff., EMAS 1893 and others) system?! Course is carried out in connection with practical examples, as well as already individual proposals for the participating companies.

Course2 - How does an implementation of the internal assessment (evaluation, validation, rating) of measures from the IM/QM/UM system (see respective ISO standard system) proceed?! Participants learn this with a practical example and receive the templates for the evaluation system.

Course3 - How to build an ISO 56000 - compliant Intellectual Property Management System (patents / property rights) as part of the IM/QM/UM system? Participants will gain insight into the basic solution path of eCluster Development, as well as individual proposals for the participating companies.

Key qualification course (IKQ - Interdisciplinary Key Qualification) for students

Eco-Rating - Why is ONE "better" than the OTHER? Whether, product, process, technology, etc.? How can one come to a meaningful and resilient result by a rating system?! And with it also: What does one understand by it and what is hidden behind it? How is it carried out? Where is it applied? How can this rating method be used meaningfully in every day business life for opinion-forming processes and decisions? All this in connection with practical examples and output of the templates for this rating system.


We offer the following possibilities to companies

  • In a kind of consultation we give individual answers to their questions about innovation, innovation management and the handling of measures.
  • Cost-covering we provide on-site Eco-Ratings for an existing innovation management, as well as individual procedures and measures. More on request.
  • On request also further individual support services around our topics.


We always ask ourselves the question: Which already conceived and pre-developed idea or innovation, which patent can be utilized for which concrete application for the benefit of the community? This is usually in the subject areas of energy generation, harvesting, storage and use. These ideas are further developed and this in the best case up to the realization and application. Always with the involvement of interested third parties, who thereby train their innovation competence, present their strengths and find their professional interests.