The source of every innovation is the human being. The innovation competence is defined as his or her ability to deal with new problems.

We believe that those people who have identified their ability to recognize diverse potentials for change and innovation in their environment and to approach them with their potentials are able to get the profession and job that is "right" for them. This is what we understand by innovation competence.
For companies, the capability to innovate is increasingly becoming the decisive criterion for securing their own future. But innovative strength cannot be prescribed. So what can be done? So what does a company need in order to survive this "storm" of change? The mentioned capability to innovate. In our view, this is the key competence for exploiting the opportunities that present themselves and ensuring the continued existence of one's own company.

Everyone wants to integrate themselves in everyday life and especially in their job. People want to find their place. A place that satisfies you, that you can manage and where you can achieve something. What is the best place to find your strengths, skills and interests than in the field of innovation? This is where you can demonstrate these competencies and set an example. The capability to innovate is not something you are born with. But you can learn it. Learned through experienced mentors, best in connection with real projects and in feedback with others. We call this: Learning to innovate in an active way and together.