We develop and implement innovative energy projects - on large and small scales. Energy harvesting, storage of this energy and sensible energy use, these are our main topics. And from this also social so-called Enhashi projects, i.e. Energy Harvesting plus Sharing and Implementation. We get impulses from our community and through our Open Innovation patent database. You have a crazy idea or or you see an alternative use of existing technologies/procedures (Repurposing Technology)? Please contact us.

In accordance with the procedure of Eco Rating International AG in Zurich/CH (the world's first eco-rating agency), we evaluate the economic and ecological aspects of innovations, products, processes and companies. Also existing technologies/ processes are rated for their sustainability and possible alternative use (ETF - Existing Technology Forecasting).

Learn to innovate! We learn it, very practically. Exchange opinions. Know what we can and want. And then we innovate. Exactly where we are.

Innovation projects (internal and external) bundle a large number of specialized topics. Innovation learning is therefore beneficial for every professional status and job position. With us, the courses are practice-oriented with integration in projects (PPBL - Project- and Problem-Based Learning).

You don't know what you can do and what you want? And if you know what you want, where you can best accomplish that for yourself and put yourself in it?
The situation is like in soccer: Where am I particularly good and what are my real skills? Which position suits me and in which position do others expect me to be? Which club, which team with which environment suits me?
And what does this club pass on to me? Etc.
Through our courses or other participation in our projects (much more getting to know each other, than in a typical recruitment process/"trial training") we can work directly with you to identify real skills, abilities and interests. And this is how we bring you professionally where you want to be and where you can be. Promise.