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Chancenhelfer e.V. - Stuttgart/Germany

No matter where you live. No matter what you do. No matter what you are able to do. You receive education with us by theory and practise in the community. You are an actively team member by the development of collaborative and social innovations. You present your potential and work on this way yourself your professional chances. And we show you to the world.

As a young Innovator you work and learn actively in the team.All projects refer to the one global subject: energy production, energy storage and energy distribution. Besides, we collect energy from the environment (Harvesting), these also store in alternative storage media and distribute the energy according to place and need (Sharing). We call this kind of the projects ENHASHI – Energy Harvesting and Sharing Implementation >Presentation is our global permanent project ´signals in need´of all signLabs for homeless people etc.

Our Stuttgart School of Sign is a vocational college announced with the Ministry of Education. We prepare you within one year to the advanced technical college certificate. In addition, the students receive the SignExam as an Innovator. In the College trainees learn and recognise the innovation competence in their working sphere and receive at the end the SignDiploma as an Innovator. In the University the innovation competence is learnt and applied explicit in the R&D. The students receive the additional SignDegree as an Innovator. IKQ courses are carried out by us within the scope of the EU-wide bologna process in and for Universities (national and international). SignExam, SignDiploma and SignDegree are taken official in partnership with a state-owned university.

In the Stuttgart Collab we compile individually and in helpful atmosphere with school graduates and former students where the professional 'journey' should go and is able. Traineeships and direct operational company-contacts are a part of it. Organized by our signJobagency, who is supporting every participant.

Courses to the operational Innovator take place individually in reality-related workshops in companies (Certified Employee Innovator).
Our experiences from all these activities and studies we present and discuss in our events. As a charity association we reinvest all our income in facilities, measures, projects and our signJobagency which helps 100% of our participants in suitable jobs included our support.

Soft skills are – beside the technical qualifications – the most important condition for nearly every job. That's why everybody should work on own external-technical competence. It isn’t only the employers profit. Finally, soft skills help, above all the social competence, in almost every life situation. We see the sum of all softly skills combined in the innovation competence.

We are a charitable association with headquarter in Stuttgart, growing number in establishments and developing labs. Our association core team comes from the education, the industry and the development. Our educational institutions are charitable, ours signLabs of the projects serve the cross-financing.

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